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What Are The Most Popular Tropical Plants?

Oct 27

As we know, tropical plants grow in water or soil that is constantly wet! This includes lush jungles, dry deserts, and even indoors where there is constant rainfall or moisture. These are some of the most popular greenhouse plants due to their beautiful foliage and vibrant colors.

Tropical flowers and greens can be very expensive as they are hard to find during winter months, when greenhouses close for the season. There are ways to save money by growing your own early spring flowers though! Read on to learn more about this and how you can start planting soon.

If you are looking to develop your green house plant collection, starting with easy-to-replant ones is the best way to go. The common snowdrop, for example, will not only look pretty but also bring back the joy of watching it grow every year.

The white flower of the nyctinasty species comes in three different sizes depending on the temperature at which it grows. At colder temperatures, it will have longer leaves and shorter bulbs which make it seem taller. When grown under warmer conditions, it will have short, rounded leaves and tall bulbs which makes it appear thinner.

These plants do not need much light to thrive either, making them perfect for a pot sitting next to a window.

Snake plants


Snake plant is an interesting green hue that grows in vertical clusters of leaves and stems. These are not tall grasses, but rather short foliage stacked up vertically. They are also referred to as snake flower or cordylines.

Snake plants will grow very quickly under warm-seasoned growing conditions. This means spring through fall weather. When they are thirsty, snake plants will turn their whole system light blue due to the chlorophyll content.

They are beginner friendly because you do not have to handle them directly. You can use snake plant pot covers or trays to show off all of the beautiful vegatation. However, make sure your cover/tray does not touch the soil surface, otherwise it could be contaminated.

Average cost: $10 per leafy cluster

Price range: $$

Effects: Amazingly elegant tropical foliage plant

Additional notes: Snake plants are known for their attractive hanging vines that easily cohere when watered. Because of this, most people add weight to the vine by taping it onto another surface.

This gives the plant a reason to droop! Some gardeners even leave it alone so it creates its own fascination.

These types of snakes require indirect sunlight to thrive. If left exposed to direct sun, they may burn or brown out. Never let a snake plant get wet! It will start to decompose which would potentially damage the plant.

Spider plants

what are the most popular tropical plants?

Spider plants are one of the most unique looking tropical plant types. They do not flower, but they grow very quickly. These plants can be categorized as either spider-like foliage or leafy green vines with large spines that climb up surrounding surfaces.

Spider plants were originally bred for their impressive spine growth, which covers the surface area like little fingers reaching out to grab onto something else. This is why it is said that these plants help create new connections in your environment.

These plants will also close off the leaves slightly if there is no space to expand them. This creates more shade, which helps reduce overheating of the plant’s roots. Because they are easy to take care of, spider plants are a great beginner plant.

They are tolerant of both dry and wet environments, making it possible to use indirect sunlight as well as direct sun exposure.

Bamboo plant

These plants are not actually plants, but rather shoots! They grow tall vertical stems that flower and die back to begin again every year. This is why they are referred to as bamboo plants because of their resemblance in shape and size with traditional bamboo.

Bamboos are an iconic grass genus that can be found all over the world. There are even species native to some parts of the United States!

These new ‘plant’ flowers usually start off white or very light green before developing bright yellow or orange tones at the blooms end. Due to this, they are often used for creating neutral color schemes such as shades of brown, gray, and black.

Something interesting about bamboos is how quickly they will re-sprout after being watered down or completely dried out! This means you do not have to worry too much about keeping them happy and thriving.

Air plants

what are the most popular tropical plants?

Recent trends have made it very popular to keep air plants as part of your home decor. These can be tricky to identify since they do not require soil or direct sunlight to survive. Some people even suggest keeping them as a way to reduce water usage as they need only an occasional check for moisture.

There are several types of these greenery include hanging potted ones, tabletop plants, and floating row covers that can be removed at night to allow for sleep cycle exposure. They all contribute to the same effect- lush green foliage!

Many consider this type of plant to be high maintenance due to the need to monitor their humidity levels but this is mostly in the appearance of the leaves. The plants actually use something called evaporative cooling to regulate temperature so they don’t needed much attention unless you want to see some interesting leaf shapes.