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How do you get a tree to fall where you want?

Oct 25


To properly fell a tree, you need to have the right knowledge and techniques of tree removal. The process of felling a tree involves many steps. We break them down for you to make it as easy as possible.

Ways to fall tree


Before you set it up, familiarize yourself with the chainsaw to ensure that it is easy to use. This is an important safety precaution. For doing this on a less budget, follow the steps for cheap tree removal.

Take the fall direction

After the tree has been cut down, decide how you want it to fall. You should consider whether the tree is leaning, how the wind blows, and whether the branches are mostly in one direction. This will make your job easier if you can drop the tree over a log or rock.


Cut any low branches that might be in the way of the trunk to make it easier to limb. Do not stand directly in front of the saw or raise your arms above the shoulders. Instead, place the trunk between you and the saw to act as a barrier.

You can take the right path

After clearing your retreat and work area, you can begin to lower the tree. To ensure that the tree falls in the correct direction, create a hinge on the trunk.


Directional and felling cuts

Make a directional cut to ensure that your tree falls in the correct direction. Then, create a horizontal cut on the opposite side of the tree. You should not cut through the whole stem of the tree. Instead, leave a hinge measuring approximately 3cm that will control the direction.

The path of retreat

After the cutting is completed, set your saw down and raise the prybar if necessary to let the tree fall. As the tree falls, move away. Once the trunk hits the ground, you should move to the side. You might see the roots of the tree spout out either sideways or upwards.


How to Limb a Tree

Limbing a tree is simply cutting all the branches and limbs off the tree, leaving only the trunk. Take your chainsaw, and trim all limbs that are not directly related to the trunk.