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Can Hydroseeding be done over the lawn that is already in place?

Mar 28


Hydroseeding uses a combination of mulch, seeds, and fertilizers to help grow plants. It is perfect for revegetating large areas. This method is suitable for residential and commercial use. Many areas that have been damaged by erosion or fires can be seeded quickly by this method.

Hydroseeding a lawn that is already in place

The main advantage of hydroseeding Colorado springs by ECCO LLC is its versatility. For instance, homeowners could use it to reseed their lawns. Commercial operators can use it to make their areas appear beautiful.

Are there any lawns that I can hydroseed that are already there? Hydroseeding is a possibility over grassy areas that are already in place or plants. It is possible to. The short answer is yes. Seeding should be done with more caution in areas with a partial or full lawn.


Hydroseed mulch can be very thick. It shields seeds in the process of germination. A thinner mulch mixture is used to hydroseed the lawn that is already in place. You don't want the mix of mulch to cover completely the existing lawns. The mulch mix should not be too thin, so seeds can be able to root into the soil. However, the grasses will not be destroyed.


What is what is Hydroseeding Mixture and How Does It Function?

Hydroseeding refers to the process of spraying a certain mixture on a certain area. The mixture then settles. The Hydroseeding mix is stored in a container, often linked to an altered hose. As the water flows through the pipe, the mixture of hydroseed is released through the hosenozzle.


The elements listed below are shared by the hydro seed mix

  • Seeds are ready to germinate The most common are grasses

  • Mulch that is a protective mulch made of the cellulose fibers

  • Fertilizer is used to encourage the seed's germination.

  • Agents for soil treatment

  • Water


Apply the mixture to the seeds. Once the seeds are laid down, the mulch is then sprayed over the seeds to form an extra layer of protection. The fertilizer is next to be sprayed. It promotes the germination process and also gives nutrients to the plant's growth.


Environmental Help

Our careless and unjustifiable use of land for agriculture is now causing soil erosion. We have also contributed to soil erosion by systematically taking away vegetation that was once lush or verdant areas. It has greatly affected natural habitats and reduced the capacity of plants to grow.


Local ecological collapse could happen when the habitats of the local animals are altered by clearing or deforestation. Animals in the area are not able to access the seeds and plants that once supported their existence. They either migrate to other areas or die. They could also move into other areas in order to crowd out animals and cause a domino effect where animals must compete for food and reproductive rights.


It can have devastating consequences. But, it is important to not forget that large land areas could cause ecological chain reactions. The destruction of local ecosystems will ultimately have a catastrophic effect on farmers' livelihoods and livelihoods. The entire ecosystem could be affected by this chain reaction of environmental disasters, even our personal.


Many of these issues can be solved by hydroseeding it is a quick and affordable method to plant vast portions of land. A rich mixture of mulch and seeds can provide a base for the growth of other plants and may be used to reproduce and feed fauna.


How to maintain your new lawn

It is not enough even when the mixture of hydroseeds has been flourishing and the grasses are starting to sprout green shoots. While the mulch has accomplished its work in providing nutrients for the plants but it is important to fertilize the whole area after hydroseeding.


The mulch is watered at minimum daily. The mulch should not be let to dry out however it is vital to ensure that the mulch is kept moist for seed germination.


The Ideal Method To Plant New Plant Life

Hydroseeding is an excellent method to revegetate large areas and repair soils. It is also a great way to beautify gardens. It's fast, simple, and very effective.

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