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Landscaping Stamford, CT | The Premiere Landscaping Company in Lower Fairfield County CT

Jan 6

The Premiere Landscaping Company in Lower Fairfield County CT Stamford Landscaping. They are a family-owned and operated company committed to providing the highest level of service to each and every one of their clients, and they've been servicing Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan, Norwalk, Wilton and Wesport since 1989! Stamford Landscaping goes above and beyond with all that they do for their customers, striving to ensure 100% customer satisfaction throughout the process of building or renovating your outdoor environment.

Their team's creative designers will develop a unique landscape plan custom tailored especially for you. Together with you, they will design something new or renovate an existing space to make it perfect for you! And, their primary goal is to ensure that you love the design and are 100% happy with it before they begin construction. Alongside this, they also take into account your budgetary needs when designing the space. From creating beautiful gardens, installing hardscapes like patios, planting trees and flowers, to designing water features or lighting systems; Stamford Landscaping will work tirelessly with you to make sure that your dream outdoor space becomes a reality! For more information call any time on 203-349-9584!

Their team of experienced landscape designers and master builders utilize top-of-the-line commercial grade products produced by leading manufacturers in the industry. This ensures maximum quality for every job they undertake - regardless if it's building an elaborate new garden or simply replacing some sod.


What makes Stamford Landscaping unique?  

Stamford Landscaping is fully insured and licensed, guaranteeing that your job is done safely and properly. Their business is based on the most important thing to them: their reputation. That's why they go above and beyond for each and every one of their clients so as not to jeopardize it. That kind of consistent commitment really is unique in today's market place.

They have also been working as a family owned and operated business in the region for over three decades. How many businesses can say that? They've lonly last that long because they service they offer is truly the best.

Let them help you with all of your outdoor needs! Contact Stamford Landscaping today at 203-349-9584 or visit


What Services does Stamford Landscaping Offer?

Stamford Landscaping has a full staff of experienced designers that can develop an outdoor space to fit your needs. Their professionals are on deck to help you get what you want whether it's designing a brand new landscape or renovating an existing one. They start by talking with you about your ideas and expectations for the project, then craft something new based on these preferences. And once they have the green light from their clients, they begin construction promptly- either right away or at a precisely scheduled time.

Lawn & Plant Care

They are the premier provider of lawn care and know how to get your grass looking beautiful. In addition, they can bring life back into a yard that has been overgrown with weeds or add some greenery to one that's just plain dull! In addition, Stamford Landscaping offers plant care services for any outdoor area. They specialize in tree and shrub pruning during both the growing and dormant seasons so as not hurt or damage them while trimming. They also offer a variety of leaf removal services including bagging leaves along with blowing and raking them away from residential properties. And throughout the year, they provide fertilization services for all types of plants so you don't have to worry about dead flowers or anemic bushes come the season.


If you're looking for a job that requires quality work then Stamford Landscaping is the company for you! They crafts stone walls, patios, decking (cedar and Ipe) and steps of all sizes. Moreover, they also take care of porches, driveways and walkways by either laying them brand new or resurfacing what's already there. And to make sure that everything looks perfect once installed, their artisans provide proper edging every time!    

Water Features  

Looking to add some excitement to your outdoor space? Then why not consider installing lighting systems or decorative fountains? Stamford Landscaping has the it takes to get these types of projects completed. And if you're looking for something a little less elaborate, they can put in well pumps or install water hoses both indoors and outdoors so you don't have to worry about lugging them around yourself.


Stamford Landscaping also offers a bunch of services to help with patios and walkways. They can build a patio from scratch or they may recommend that you revamp the existing one by simply giving it a new surface or changing out some of its features.

Seasonal Services  

Stamford Landscaping isn't just for construction services! Their professionals are also available throughout the year to provide seasonal renovations that will help you get through the tough months ahead. They can prune plants during wintertime, but also do snow removal for your driveway, walks and steps- all the way until spring when everything starts over again!


What are "Green" Landscaping Practices?   

When it comes to landscaping Stamford CT residents know that only the best service providers will do! Stamford Landscaping offers green services based on the latest trends in outdoor design. The use local plant materials for their designs so that they can be sure to grow in the Stamford climate with minimal care.

They also utilize organic matter typically found right in your backyard when building low-water landscapes. This helps reduce water consumption which is always great since there is a limited supply!

Finally, they try to recycle as much material as possible during their construction projects and offer full disclosure of any products they use that may contain hazardous substances or VOC's (volatile organic compounds).   

So never settle for mediocre work again by contacting Stamford Landscaping today at 203-349-9584 or visiting